Mane Attraction – Custom Horse Hair Jewellery

This was our original website way back when we first started out. You can see our new look main website at www.maneattraction.com.au

At Mane Attraction, we custom make Horse Hair Bracelets, Lockets, Pendants, Pins, Hatbands and so much more.

We create special keepsakes and memorial pieces from your horses past and or present.

Unique and beautiful horse hair bracelets and jewellery. 

Custom made with your horses tail or mane hair, however they can also be made with our stock of gorgeous horse hair.

We also have a range of unique Horse themed Gifts, perfect for any horse enthusiast!

Mane Attraction – Custom Horse Hair Jewellery (Australia).

Creating the perfect keepsake for you to treasure, always..

Also now available, Horseshoe Nail Pendants and Earrings!

Check them out now.